El Principito II. El Retorno del Principito

little prince little prince II saint-exupery adventures elephant boa universe

The Little Prince II.

The return Of The Little Prince.

de Magui Lafleur

Book in English.

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Gift of The Little Prince II
Within the pages of this book you will find Anticovid Easter Eggs.

"The Little Prince II. The Return of the Little Prince" by Magui Lafleur, is a work inspired and based on The Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry. Science life is the background of the author who loves nature and life.

From the drawing of the boa that ate an elephant, new stories and adventures emerged. These stories try to follow Saint-Exupéry's ideas and philosophical line. Magui Lafleur uses the words ‘big persons’ instead of ‘adult’, ‘grown ups’ or ‘big people’ because Saint-Exupéry in the “Le Petit Prince” (The Little Prince) used the words ‘grandes personnes’ and not ‘adulte’ o ‘grands gens’.

The Little Prince II started a journey through the Universe visiting planets inhabited by groups of ‘big persons’ representing different parts of the cosmos.

The Little Prince II discovered and visited planets belonging to an Universe of infinite space and time that harbors temporary civilizations. Throughout his journey he discovered worlds plenty of contradictions and fallacies that incite nicely the mind to think and meditate about his stories.

The Little Prince II contains ten illustrated chapters with more than 15 mini stories and short stories with nice touches of humor that will make you meditate, think and reflect on events that occur throughout the stories.

A young sailor set out a solo voyage around the world with his sailboat. During the trip he was surprised by a storm that broke the mast of his sailboat and set him adrift. He finally arrived at an unknown lonely island where he planed to repair his sailboat. In the meantime he was exploring the island and he was enjoying the scenery and the exuberant landscape. One night, sitting on top of the highest peak of a mountain on the island, the Little Prince II appeared to him with who he striked up an intimate friendship. The Little Prince II asked him to draw a rabbit and to write down his stories and adventures that he had throughout his journey in the Universe.

The stories and adventures of the Little Prince II are related to events in the everyday world and in the world of science.

Despite this book was conceived for young people, it can be read by all age people. Also it can be useful to introduce little persons and young people to the world related to science and to a philosophical thinking.

This book is available in English, Spanish and French.